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working Environment

Focusing on society and repaying the society is our aim and objective. We advocate that we cherish the wealth with a heart of thanksgiving. So far, we have contributed millions of donations to the society.

Work Welfare

We obey social security and welfare system.

We offer a wide variety of delicious afternoon teas.We provide various and tasty afternoon tea.

Our company will provide the employee who is this year's graduate (non-local) one-year dormitory for free.

Job Security

We pay all different kinds of insurance and accumulation fund for the staff.

We buy travel accident insurance for the staff.

Education System

“Converging ideals, shaping our growth”is our entrepreneurial spirit. We hope that our staff can maintain the learning interests, possess learning ability and improve themselves continuously. At the same time, we also have established a training system and will exert ourselves to create a learning organization.

Education System


Cultivate Talents By Work

We believe that skills and abilities can be cultivated continuously during the work. We encourage staff to observe more, to listen more, to do more and to ask more, so that they can improve their working methods and working efficiency. We suggest that the staff should spend 20% of their time in doing things which they are interested in but not the core of work, and join together in company's business.We hope that we can build the intimacy, creativity and self-identity in our company, and we will combine the value, position, role, creativity with the common goal of our company to achieve excellent performances.


Professional Skill Training

We respect the professionals and consider that the professional things shall be done by professionals. We upgrade the staff's professional skill by various trainings such as product knowledge, international trade, laws, financial affairs, risk control, project management, supply chain management.


The Principle Of Internal Lecturer

We encourage the employee who has expertise to be an internal lecturer and impart the skill he/she is good at. It is a great honor for everyone to become an internal lecturer.


FUTURE Happy Reading

We launch the activity named“Future Happy Reading”to create the good atmosphere of “self-culture, apply the knowledge in life”.


FUTURE Lecture Hall

We invite the senior experts inside and outside the company to hold the theme-based training combining with the development planning of our company.


Learning Resources

We attach importance to the accumulation of knowledge, encourage the staff to share their experience and wisdom and construct the system of knowledge management.


New Staff Training

We provide orientation training for new staff to help them grasp working skills, master corporate culture and merge into the collective.

Career Journey

??We believe that the staff are one of our greatest assets, so we focus on building the long-term relationship with them, aim to help them realize Career Planning, provide good working surroundings and offer competitive salaries.

Career Journey


Career Planning

We attach importance to the career development, combining the development of the company with the specialty of the staff to help them look for and achieve the career planning.


Post Exchanges

We insist on listening to the demands of the staff, and provide the employee who expects to develop his/her own occupational potential with more opportunities for post exchange, in order to help the employee find their ideal position.


Promotion And Salary

One's task performance is regarded as his/her yardstick of promotion and salary. We won't treat unfairly on the promotion and salary due to one's gender, age and religious beliefs.

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