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Our Employee

??This is a team with infinite vigor and rising passion.

Every year, we will recruit people who have the courage to challenge, have lofty ambition and strong thirst for knowledge, and they are willing to accept the new things and believe in team spirit and the value of FUTUREPETRO. They are the people who will decide the future development, purpose and achievement of FUTRUE PETRO.

We devote ourselves to optimize the supply chain and also aiming at creating a workplace which can make every employee accomplish self-realization. We lay emphasis on constructing a permanent relationship with the employees- gathering dream, shaping growth together. The employees can acquire the utmost degree of development and most resources.

We lay emphasis on the career development of the employees and insist on the principle of respect, trust, participate and share, we are willing to listen to the requirement of the employees and help them find and realize their career plans. The career development path is leading to the subdivision professional fields such as team management or purchasing expert, sales specialist, research specialist and technical specialist. Employees are our essential and core, and our company is developing through team members, and each member needs to understand our value and standard and shall apply them in every day work.

Our job is not only a profession. Our job in FUTURE PETRO is a career needs devoting oneself in—the career using knowledge, technique, passion and intelligence to promote society progressing.

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